Unparalleled payment flexibility across all B2B sales channels

Customers buy more when they have instant access to capital and flexible payment options. Increase conversions and simplify the B2B purchase process by enabling your customers to pay over time for business purchases in all of the channels you sell in.

Instant financing and flexible payment terms across all B2B channels*

We provide your customers with instant decisions for business lines of credit with up to 12-month terms*. You’ll get paid in full as soon as the order ships and we take on all of the risk and collections. Easy for your customers, easy for you.

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Seamless in-cart experience.

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No IT resources required.

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Drive higher order sizes, quicker sales cycles, and more revenue.

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Net 30

No more waiting for in-house terms approvals.

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Provide your business customers with the same flexibility and convenience they enjoy in B2C transactions and see your eCommerce order frequency and revenue soar.

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Empower your customers to buy what they need at the point of sale with in-store Buy Now, Pay Later. Customers receive an instant credit decision and once approved**, new purchases are as fast in person as they are online. No IT resources required.

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Empower your sales team to offer an instant, flexible payment method in-person or over the phone to save the sale. No more waiting for in-house terms approvals or lengthy paperwork. Drive higher order sizes, quicker sales cycles, and more revenue.

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NET 30

Digitize and streamline your application and approval process and deliver instant decisions by outsourcing your Net 30 program

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*Instant credit decision not guaranteed
**Subject to credit approval